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People have become so antivaccine because we are at a time when we now can be. Many people are now gone that remembered and lived when the iron lung was in effect and when smallpox ravaged the earth. I think it is a decision I would have to think about for vaccinating my child. I myself sign up for yearly flu vaccines, and am current on tetanus, hepatitis and everything else. The vaccine is designed to work against the most common strains of hpv causing cervical cancer. HPV is a virus that gets into the cells of the cervix, and lives there for years before causing cancer. So years go by, more people are infected, and the cancer happens later. The infection is often contracted when people are young and maybe not thinking about condom use. So the question is, do you subject your child to a vaccine, or do you worry they will get a potentially cancer-causing virus? That is a hard question to answer, and I guess every parent has to make the decision for themselves. If I was not married, I would most likely get the vaccine. I have had some abnormal pap smears(HPV negative), and I don't have mass media induced vaccine fears. But I have had no issues with vaccines. I did however suffer an environmentally induced autoimmune disease from occupational chemical exposure combined with sunlight. So I am wary of pesticides, herbicides, root inducers and fertilizers. But that is just one person's opinion. Take care.
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