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I just want to point out that most soy and soy milk is not the soy our ancestors were consuming. Nearly every soy bean grown in north and south America is a GMO patent owned by Monsanto. Theses new crops really haven't been around long enough to know the impact they have on our health. There are the concerns about phytoestrogens which I find pretty scary and really don't think children or men should have soy for that reason alone.

Also most non-organic soy is fertilized using bio-solids(processed human waste) (I lived near soy fields in my home town and can assure you that is not a made up fact there is a distinct difference in smell between bio-solid fertilizer and animal fertilizer).

On a broader scale beyond health impact there is also the environmental impact. Soy is one of the most widely grown crops in north and south america and is used in both animal feed and for human consumption. Many areas of South America are using slash and burn agriculture to expand soy fields. I think soy is bad on many levels and really should be avoided.

On a side note I finally convinced my boyfriend to switch to almond milk which he says tastes the same as soy. I also know that by looking at him that making that change alone he has lost at least 5lbs. He also has lost some of the excess weight in he chest. It might be lower in protein but I think it is a much healthier alternative. Almond milk is also super easy to make yourself if you have a blender which can handle it you also know exactly what goes into it that way.
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