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Originally Posted by guacamole View Post
What I would do is have something in writing telling him his comments are inappropriate and you want them to stop. Next time he sends a suggestive reply to one of your group work emails - reply back to him with a "cease and desist" email. Tell him that you value a good working relationship with him, but that if he touches you or makes any further suggestive remarks, you will have to speak to HR and file a complaint. That will probably scare him enough to back off without actually having to open an official case with HR. However, if he ignores your request/warning - go immediately to HR with all of the slimy emails that he sent to you and the email you sent to him asking him to stop his inappropriate behavior and communication. Most of the time, companies want a paper trail of proof - not just a he said/she said.

Yes, his actions are inappropriate. The very first thing you should do is establish boundaries. TELL HIM his actions are inappropriate and make you uncomfortable. TELL HIM to knock it off! Keep a record of dates, times, words exchanged, etc. ESP. keep copies of emails, etc.

Maybe he is "harmless". But a person can be "complimentary" toward you without acting inappropriately. Big difference between "you sure look good today!" and "nice outfit!" ya know what I mean??

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