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I'm working with my Doctor on my weight loss and he suggested totally cutting carbs. So a typical day for me is:
Wake up at 5am and do 45min to an hour of cardio
I eat breakfast at about 6am which is always 3 eggs (fried, hard boiled, etc, etc)
lunch is at 11am and this is my larger meal of the day. Its usually a chicken breast, or steak, if im really hungry i'll make 2 eggs with it, and a vegetable I try to stick with leafy greens but sometimes I go with steamed carrots, green beans, or peapods, or once in a while corn.
I try to fit in a30 min workout between lunch and dinner but some days it just isnt possible.
6pm is dinner which is usually more eggs, or a few slices of turkey, or a bean 'burrito' type thing.
At 8pm I do another 45min to an hour workout
Then go to bed at 10pm
I'm rarely hungry between meals I have never really had a big appetite, but if I do feel like a snack I eat an orange, or an apple, sometimes broccoli w/cheese... If im hungry while im out and about I might eat a few rice cakes.
I drink a gal of water day. And I HATE milk, but I try to choke down 'some' each day.
I track my calories with an app on my phone and I try not to eat less than 1200. Sometimes I have to eat even though I dont feel a bit hungry because I dont want to be under on my calories.
As far as my work out goes, I do the same work out 2-3 times a day every day. Its the Julianne Hough 'Dancing with the Stars' workout video. I loved it because when I started it I felt the burn of working muscles in places that ive never been able to work on. So I stuck with it. I feel like maybe I need to change it up now so I got Tae Bo, which im not impressed with, and another dancing with the stars video that I havent tried yet.
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