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Originally Posted by xoSMASHxo View Post
My neighbor is a 53 year old woman. Shes tiny, but shes a heavy beer drinker as evident by the weight she carries in her mid section. I hadnt seen her in about a week and she stopped over last night, and I couldnt believe my eyes. Her belly fat is significantly smaller. I asked her if she had started working out and commented on how good she looked. And she said that she doesnt work out at all, that shes been taking CLA supplements (Conjugalated Linolic Acid) and its helping her tone her mid-section.
Last night while I was shopping I bought some. It says it comes from safflower oil, and it helps tone lean muscle.
"tone lean muscle" doesn't make any sense. you can build muscle with hard work and heavy lifting. you can't take a pill that builds muscle nor can you "tone" a muscle., I wouldn't buy it.

if you neighbor is tiny then even a little loss around her midsection will be noticeable. she said she didn't work out but how has she changed her diet? she's changed something, I assure you.
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