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I have classic migraine with aura. I get them rarely, maybe once a year. Otherwise I am generally headachey, but the big migraines feel like someone has taken a large metal pole and shoved it through the top of one side of my head, behind my eye, and out the other side of the jaw. It is searingly painful with a healthy dose of nausea.

Auras come in many shapes and forms-- some people get "Alice in Wonderland" symptoms where their hands seem too large in relation to their body, or far too small. Some people have taste auras. Mine are the boring traditional type, scintillating scotoma, a small pool in the center of my vision that looks like water with a rainbow edge that grows larger and larger until it takes everything over. My head doesn't hurt during this phase, the headache follows immediately after. The aura lasts about 30 min. Like the above poster, I usually notice it beginning because I cannot focus on words on the page. The last time it was trying to pluck my eyebrows and not being able to pick out the hairs, gah!

Did you headache follow your aura immediately? Was there nausea? Excedrin migraine is wonderful, but you need to take it before your headache starts in full, so the aura can actually be sort of useful.
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