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Default Prretty sure I had a migraine aura today

Today was a rotten day. R.o.t.t.e.n.

One, my mother in law has a a really bad cold and she is acting very overly dramatic and I can't stand it. I grew up in a home that you didn't complain if you we're sick unless you thought you were truly dying.

Two, I got a neck strain I think from doing something wrong in body pump on Wednesday night. I had a headache yesteday and got one today,

Three, I needed to enter tons of stuff for our taxes today so I didn't waste weekend time. Took me hours. (entering charity contributions)

Four, while I was entering those things for taxes, my right eye was acting funny. Like the entirre periphery vision was like looking through water and I just felt odd/weird... Kind of out of it. It happened twice in the morning and once after volunteering at my son's elementary school. It lasted for about 10 minutes each time.

Five, had to make dinners and it was a meal I wanted to avoid (carbs) so I had to make three meals as my little guy doesn't like pasta yet either.

Six, I finally wanted to get my run in for the day, but my 6 year old was begging to to go the pool. I put him off last night because of this neck strain headache, so I didn't have the heart to put him off again. So the goes the run...

Seven, we get to the pool, change, take a shower, get in the water and less than 5 minutes later we have to get out because they discovered poo in the pool. And of course, now it's too dark to get in a run, we're wet from the pool and yet didn't really get to be in the pool, so I had to promise for tomorrow.

Eight, never mind the fact I have tons, and tons, and tons to do tomorrow. As I have an auction to prepare for sunday nmorning, a Sunday school class to prepare, items for a food sale to bake, organizing a graduation meeting for Sunday and now I need to somehow find time to exercise and get my son to the pool.

Friday the 13th perhaps?

Anyone eve have a migraine aura? This is a first for me. I always get sensitive/ weird feelings to my eyes when I get migraines, but this aura thing was freaking me out!

Now I'm thinking... Maybe I don't have a neck strain, but that this is a migraine. They are different for me than before, but I had this in the fall for about 2 weeks. I just assumed I had a neck strain, but maybe my neck got stiff from a migraine?

Totally bites as I cannot be out of commission this weekend. I simply cannot.

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