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Hey, this is my first time on a forum but I feel like I need the support. I lost 85 lbs, 10 years ago and kept it off. This past year has been the absolute worst of my 29 years and for some reason food/binging became my greatest comfort. I completely lost control of everything and gained 30 lbs back in one year, no creeping, nothing, I packed it on as quick as humanally possibly. I'm so embarrassed, and it's changed my personality. I want to be myself again.

I enjoy your posts, and I'm hoping we can motivate each other seeing as our goal is the same. I was also really into fitness and since my lifestyle has changed (i went from running across operatic stages, long rehearsals, pilates and dance classes to a more sedentary "professor" life), I find it harder to work in the gym time. I'm also frustrated I can't do what I used to be able to do in terms of fitness, running etc...
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