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So I'm officially off stabilization and on maintenance. We figured my calories...with my weight and activity level the # she came up with was 1900. (I'd come up with the same number...or even up to 2200 based on some formulas). So we decided since I'd like to lose about 1 more lb to go with 1500 for now...and if I feel like I'm still hungry I have a little wiggle room (especially if I had a hard workout and I'm more hungry). She also encouraged me to experiment with one meal a week that is a little higher calorie-wise (or what I call a treat). 2 weeks ago I tried pizza and over did it. I was scared to try it again, but I used her tips (have a big salad first, lots of water) and I stuck with 1 piece and since I kept my overall calories for the day in the right range, I was down .5 this week. I'm using MFP to track (I like it, I know some don't track calories, but it keeps me honest...otherwise my hand starts finding the animal cookies).

But I had really liked the consistency of my meals on the MRC plan and felt like when the whole supermarket was opened to me....even though I followed Patzi's idea of trying one thing at a time...I was overwhelmed. So I got a little OCD and for each meal of the day (breakfast, am snack, lunch, pm snack) made a list of food combos for each of those meals that equal about the same calories (within 10) and fat/carb/proteins. So breakfast and lunch are around 300 calories, about 200 calories for the snacks, leaving me about 500 for supper...which is usually a meat, protein, and veggies. So far it's working for me...although when I'm being really active I need at least 1600 or I'm overly hungry.
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