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Default RAVE! Bed Bath & Beyond!!

Several years ago I bought a Cuisinart blender/food processor from Bed Bath & Beyond. I didn't use it much; its small, didn't have a lot of power, and I was afraid I would blow the engine. I used the processor part less than 5 times total. Last week I tried to make a smoothie with it and stripped the gears so after Hubby inspected it we threw it out and I determined to get a good blender in my price range. We went a few places but ended up back at BBB even though I thought they would be out of my price range. A salesperson asked if we needed help, so I explained the stripped gear. She told us that if we bought it at BBB they would give us store credit for the broken machine. Nice Hubby dug it out of the trash, we cleaned it up and returned it the next day. No box, receipt, proof of purchase etc. The credited us $80. {which I think is more than I paid but I probably used a coupon then also} The cheapest food processor they had was $99 so I bought that one. The 20% off coupon make it $89. They didn't have on in the store so they shipped one to my house, for free, from NV, even though I'm sure another store here in Memphis had one. We went to the front to pay the $9 balance and they said we didn't own them anything!! My processor arrived today! Hubby and I were very impressed with the service and lengths the store and employees went on our behalf.

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