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OMG 400 calories sounds way off but maybe for the whole bottle like 600 calories. Either way I do not trust myself yet just yet. I love unwinding and enjoying it way too much I think I'd go nuts and drink the entire bottle lol.
I do plan to be normal though with my diet, I mean I don't want to live completely like I wouldn't in the real world. Like Saturday I did enjoy 1.5 beers at a planned birthday celebration (I sipped very slowly over 5 hours haha).
Maybe after the first half of the loss I will start to incorporate wine again so I won't go crazy after I lose it all which I've done before, it's why I am here.

Oh and I'm so pissed about yesterday's weigh in ---- 229.4 if I recall and today it' said 231.4....which means my weight loss for week 5 was 2.2 pounds not 4.4. I think that beer I had Saturday "skewed" my numbers for a day. Oh well no more of that.

This week is a pure fast - so solids only my medi meals.
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