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Leveling Up
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Hey ladies, can I join in?

I've been doing my own thing for about a month or so now where I train three days a week and have cardio thrown in on other days. Altogether I exercise five or six times a week. I cut down a lot and have been eating more and WOW have I seen results. Quality over quantity I guess, right?

I have a silly goal, but it's to eventually be able to climb up the side of my garage. I've been watching too much Parkour, you know?

Monday I do a full bodyweight routine at my nearby playground. Once I get better at pull ups I'll probably be strong enough to climb something.

Wednesday I take a weight lifting class that I count as a medium weight training day

Saturday I get to the gym before a class I like to take and do some heavy weight training.

I've made some great strength gains. On Saturday I deadlifted my own body weight!! I was so proud!

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