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Originally Posted by panda13 View Post
Question for maintainers. I'm now in Phase 4 (for various reasons) even though I haven't reached my goal yet. I might go back on Phase 1 in another 6 weeks or so, but for now I'm going to try to maintain the weight I'm at.

Anyway, there is not a lot of information about meal ideas for maintenance. I'm pretty good with breakfast, but lunch and dinner are difficult. I am so used to having grains & fat together (pasta w/cheese, enchiladas, bread & butter, grilled cheese, etc.). Could anyone give me some ideas for lunches and dinners? Today I had a salad w/grilled chicken and some sour cream & cheese for lunch. For dinner I had sweet potatoes, toast, peas and red pepper slices. Lunch was good, dinner was...random. I'd like to have some good recipe ideas up my sleeve. I know I won't be able to maintain unless I can plan my meals ahead of time.

Think very similar to phase one with your maintenance dinner except you can add a whole grain starch and some fruit. I mainly kept eating meat and veggie at dinner...2-3 times a week I had a starch at dinner.

For lunch I ate salad with meat/cheese/dressing/avocados

The cheat days are when you get the cheesey starchy food

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