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Default good afternoon

Thanks for the new thread--I really need a start over.

Mej--hope you have a wonderful time at the lake. I know these "lasts" can be very sad--I remember what we knew would be DH's DGM's last Xmas with us. But it is great that DM can go and enjoy the place you have been so often.

DH has had to start using the cane he had to use before--and he tires so easily.

I have also been very tired--don't know if it is "sympathy pains" or something else.

Hal--hard to imagine school already started. I think it's not surprising that you would feel bad about hearing from your ex. I've heard women (don't know about men) who hear about some fellow--even one they know was totally unsuitable, which wasn't the problem in this case--and something just clicks inside. Just be good to yourself.

Nita--sorry about your hip. Have you thought about seeing a chiropractor?

Came home from church and slept about to lunch, so I must try to catch up a bit. AND do yoga and walk. Chacha, Thin, Mooz--best to you and to all--
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