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Lost 120 lbs. Finished last May. Pushed it down slowly another 10+ lbs over 6 months. Over the last 5 months or so I have gained 20lbs. For me at least weight requires constant monitoring, constant watching. There is no easy way. I am on Medifast again to loose the 20lbs I gained, I do not want to "wake up" 50+ lbs heavier. It was too hard to loose the weight in the first place.

For me the first step is to acknowledge it is not just "other people" who gain weight after dieting... it is me! Not just a perfunctory mental acknowledgement, but a deep down in your heart realization that when it comes to weight gain after "successful" dieting I am no different than anyone else and I am the problem and I *will* gain weight unless I keep on top of it.

It has helped that the 20 lbs I gained I saw myself gain slowly as I got on the scale almost every day.

So, yes, I did gain weight after dieting. I will loose it again.

- Henrik

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