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Originally Posted by mtnsun4 View Post
Can we have turkey brats?? If so, YEHHHHH!!! I am going to pick some up this weekend! Can we? Seriously? Thanks!
Good morning all! Off to another fun filled day at work. I have my egg and big salad packed for lunch with some bbq curls....yum!

No, this isn't allowed. I would not recommend it even if they are low in everything, there is a lot of sodium in most of them

Originally Posted by girlpower79 View Post
Energy Drinks or things w/ higher caffeine

I used to drink Red bull for years..I do not anymore...then I was drinking some cocoa powder w/ oats, almond milk and chia seeds or seeds like that as my power drink! I miss having something like there a drink like that we can have that is 0 carb 0 fat 0 sugar...even a pop is pop restricted ? i was never a pop drinker...
my husband is out of town i am exhausted adn have to clean the house tonight..i am always in a better mood if i have a power drink!?!?! I know sounds weird but it is a bit of a mind or matter booster...

Thanks for anyone who knows of something..i guess someone said Monster has a low carb one...?? I have ot look it up ..
Have you tried the MIO black cherry or the Green Thunder? Both of those have energy and are you might check it out

Originally Posted by evepet View Post
Hi 3sisters. I'm just starting Day 5, so obviously no expert in the IP program. But my 'Phase One Not Permitted Foods' sheet lists sausage/wieners. Hope you are able to get your get-together menu finalized, and everyone has a great time. As far as tips on how to stay away from the other stuff, I can only say that everytime I think about wanting to eat something OP, I remember how expensive each week of IP food is, and how frustrated I'd be with myself if I ate something that threw me out of ketosis. Each 'slip' not only costs significant$ but it takes around 72 hours for your body to get back to ketosis again.

As for my own progress report.... it's only day 5, but I'm relieved to be through the first 4 days of the program as I keep reading that it's often tough. I had several times when I was a little dizzy and had some headaches, but all in all things were pretty good for me. A little sea salt followed up with some water definitely righted things.

One question. How do you know when you're in ketosis? I would expect I should be there today, but I don't feel any different. I've read other posts on this subject and I think I recall somebody saying that I shouldn't be as hungry once I'm in ketosis? Any thoughts will be appreciated.

I wish all of you a happy and healthy 100% OP day.
If you are following the sheet and are in your 5th day you should be in Ketosis. I never felt any different, some say the craving stop, bad breathe and such but I never got any of this.

Originally Posted by whisperingshouts View Post
Hello everyone!! Great WI morning. I'm down another 3.6 lbs for a total of 25.4 lbs in 6 weeks!!! FANTASTIC if I do say so myself. This morning I put on my FAVORITE Harley Davidson top and was able to keep it on as it fit!!! WHOOO HOOOO
Side note.. I want to post pics but I'm not sure how to do so.. Any insight??
to post pics....go to User CP and edit your signature or your avatar...scroll down and you will see where you manage attachments and there is where you can do it!

3sisters.....keep your water with you at all time and chew gum. I know for me if I am chewing gum I don't want to put anything in my mouth. All of that food will be there the NEXT family reunion and you will be MUCH healthier and happier. Stick to the program, you will be happy that you did!

Now on to ME.....I loss 5.3lbs this week!!!....making it 140lbs in 11 months!...I am one happy girl right now that is for sure! My coach was right when she said my body needed to be shocked and put me on phase 3 for 2 has paid off!!....I am BELOW my original goal of 250 so I am STILL IN SHOCK!!!....its going to be a GREAT day!

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