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Thanks, Natalie!!!! We don't have those stores here. Our two big ones are Publix & Winn-Dixie. Neither had it. I think there may be a Harris Teeter in the area. I'll also look for them at Target and Wal-Mart supercenters. Amazon didn't even have them and I thought they had everything. I decided to add in the animal crackers instead. Yummy! Those are good. LOL Since I run at least 3 times a week, I decided to do my extra startch on those days after the run. Yesterday went well and I was actually down 0.2 pounds according to my scale. We'll try them again today and see what happens. If all is well, Multi-Grain Cheerios are my next add-in. Oh how I have missed those. In a way, this is fun, but I'm also scared of gaining weight. Then I saw you post about being 25 pounds under and it calmed me down some. Thank you for that!

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