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Don't give up.
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I've been going up and down a lot in weight lately, so maybe it's just water weight. I'm at 173 today.

I've got my defense scheduled, which means just one more month of really hard work and then, hopefully, I will be successfully on my way to completing this degree. I'm still having a hard time concentrating, but maybe I just need to drop the phentermine and try anti-depressants for a little while. It might be just the thing to take the edge off. So, I've got one more big deadline at the end of the week -- gotta turn in the final drafts of both projects, then. After that, I can schedule in more exercise time.

Still not sure how to sort out the relationship troubles. I find that I'm so confused that I don't know how to make sense of anything. The way I see it, my husband cheated and didn't want to work things out and just left me. He seems to be indicating that isn't what's happened at all and I'm missing something big, but I'm just not seeing it. I don't know what to think, but I have to realize this....if he isn't going to make an effort to talk to me about our problems, then I have to assume he doesn't want to talk about them and I just have to let it go. Maybe he just doesn't want me around anymore. That's possible. I had a life before him and I have to have a life now that he isn't around and being sad and retreating from everything is no kind of solution at all. At least I'm not just comfort eating all the time. I've broken down and had bad things, but, I'm not just giving in to that urge mindlessly.

Time to stop being so pathetic. Back to work. Back to the gym. And maybe starting next week, you guys will hear about more positive results rather than such wishy washy ones.
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