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Hello! Just moving Nita's post from our old home to the new home Part 11~~~~~~
[size3]Good Afternoon Ladies,

Catlover -- I, too, am having a problem getting off those few pounds so that I can weight in at WW. I have decided to try something starting Sunday morning. I am going to weigh myself one more time and then I am going to put the scale out in my husband's tool shed. I am one of those people who think the scale should change each day. I also am making a commitment to go back to counting those points and keeping track. My friend just got her 5th ribbon for losing 50 lbs. and she attributed it to keeping track and weighing and measuring your food. I know it does take more time but in the end it will be worth it. I also talked to the trainer at the Senior Center and he said it was great that I gained a couple of pounds. He said that meant I was building muscle and getting rid of fat. He also said that if I maintained my program that eventually the scale would show a loss and by all means the inches should also become apparent.

Thin -- You are correct--there are mostly white cars in AZ, however, Buick does have a cool blue color but it only comes in their more expensive cars. I have had a few white cars and I find they always look clean and really are easier to keep up.

Hopefully the rest of you are having a really good Friday. The weekend is almost here and those of you that have to work can enjoy your time off.

Take care,

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