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I've done a lot of experimenting, adding and subtracting all sorts of things from my diet, and I've learned a lot about how my body reacts to certain foods (this may not be true for everyone) but for me

Calories matter the most. Carbohydrates come in a close second. On low-carb I experience a lot less hunger and even some symptom improvements in many of my health issues.

I've noticed that sweeteners do sometimes increase my hunger and cravings, especially for sweet foods, but to gain weight I have to indulge that hunger. As long as I stick to my calorie and carb limits, I lose just as much weight with Crystal Light and other artificially sweetened foods as without.

As for Crystal Light being too sweet, I agree, but there's a very simple solution. Use more water than the "recipe" on the box calls for.

I wanted to get some of the antioxidant benefits of tea, but I wasn't a fan of the flavor, so I started making refrigerator tea. I'd add one packet of Crystal Light to a gallon pitcher of water (twice the water recommended on the Crystal Light label), and then threw in a few tea bags for 24 hours or more.

Half-strength is now my preference, whether or not I add tea.

I do believe that sweetness is somewhat "addictive" (not the best word, but I can't think of a better one). The more you eat, the more you want, and the more it takes to satisfy the "sweet tooth," but I think many flavors are like that. Saltiness and the spiciness hot pepper for example. The more you eat, and the more often you eat, the more intense you need to get the same amount of pleasure.

I don' t think that means we should avoid all salty, sweet, or spicy foods, it just means we need to be aware that our tastebuds are easily influenced by what we are eating.

The less sweet things I eat (and the less sweet they are) the less sweet I want, but it's just as true of salt and spiciness.

I have never eaten much salt, so I don't have much of a salt tooth, but I do crave spicy and sweet foods, but those cravings are influenced by how much and how often I eat them. I used to eat spicier and spicier food, and if I hadn't met my husband, I probably would have continued. My hubby is a "wimp" when it comes to spicy foods, so I started eating less spicy food and spicy food less frequently. As a result my tolerance and preference for spicy food has also dropped (and it would increase if I started eating more spicy food more frequently again).

But just because a food increases preferences and cravings, doesn't mean a person has to indulge those cravings.
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