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Hello there, Royal Personages (& welcome Julyaric). I have been remiss for many reasons (one of which is the new computer setup which changed a lot of things and I just got around to signing back in here).

Anyway, I'm floating too high on the scale again. Lots of other things going on too. Lost dear friend of 50 years (tough) and a classmate with whom I've been somewhat close (phone mostly) the last couple of years.

Realtor contacted (miscommunication ?) and I've been out looking. fear this will take a while. But also working on getting ready to put my place up for sale as soon as I find something I want.

Family situation (another one?) had me down a bit but realize nothing I can do about it except to continue reaching out (though I'm tempted to respond unroyally, I won't).

Weather has been super here too and that helps everythingh (except appetite

thanks for the link, Arabella and I'm ready to Sashay my little Royal heart out.

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