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Originally Posted by Dianne042425 View Post
HI all!

I lift about 4 days a week VAGUE
I eat 5 clean small meals a day and drink plenty of water. VAGUEI watch my sugar intake as well. VAGUE
What type of lifting? Full body? splits? Upper/Lower? Push/Pull? Supersets? Straight sets?

None of that really matters as much the diet though.

Youre goal is to lose fat? Nad you ARENT losing fat?
Than youa rent in a caloric deficit. Plain, simple, easy.
Youre eating too much. What does "5 small meals" mean? what does "clean" mean? (i hate that term, personally )
Are you measuring your food? with a SCALE? how many calories are you eating?

You may *think* youre in a deficit....... but youre already small, and youve been dieting for a long time, at least on and off. My point is that your maintenance cals are probably not what you think they are.
At this point for you to see any real progress you are going to have to be very very precise about tracking your food intake.

Not to mention 3 weeks is hardly enough time to gauge success.

But once again it goes back to--> if you arent losing, and you arent gaining, then you are maintaining. End of story. Whether its due to errors in food counting/tracking, or due to metabolic adaptation (meaning your maintenance is lower than you think it is/should be)

People focus SO MUCH on the workout. Fat loss is about your diet.
ALong those lines though, for certain people, especially smaller chronically dieting females, the WRONG type of workout can work against your goals....

But to answer one of your questions, retaining water could ABSOLUTELY mask inches/pounds lost. water takes up space and has weight, just like muscle and just like fat

I realize im making assumptions about your history, but just based on reading other posts and you having been around for a while.....

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