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Yesterday I was stuck in the library most of the day, with heavy rain outside. It was frustrating not to get much walking in, because all day I could see the Fitbit taking calories out of my allowance. I knew I would have to walk to earn back some calories so I could eat! So I walked in the library with what little time I had. I'm sure I made people wonder why I was walking up and down the rows of books.

Then on the way home from class, I knew I had almost enough calories left for a burrito, and could walk off the rest on the mini-trampoline. So I stopped at Taco Bell. The lady at the drive-thru window accidentally dropped my change, and I had to get out of the car to grab it. To make up for it, she gave me an apple pie, in addition to my order! AAUUUGHHH!

Of course, I had to eat the apple pie.

I was 500 calories over my goal, and had to jog in place until midnight to work it off. But I made it (at about 11:50!)

Thanks a lot, lady at the Taco Bell window!

My "goal," as I have it set on Fitbit, is a 500-calorie deficit every day. I get to eat more, depending on how active I am, but yesterday was tough, with all the sitting. Today will be tough, too.
I did not mean to gain 40 lbs over the last 25 years. It was a snacksident.
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