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Calories 1,191, Carb. 151.80g, Fat 2g, Prot. 68.08

1/2 cup Pasteurized Egg White Powder
1 Tblsp. Vanilla Pudding Mix, Jell-O, sugar free
1/3 cup Dry Milk, non-fat
2 Bananas
3 Oranges
1 cup Black Beans, dry
1 Bouillion cube, Knorr chicken
1 Onion, medium
10 oz. Tomatoes, 1-can Rotel brand with Jalapeņos, mild
14 oz. Bean Sprouts, 1-can La Jolla brand
Spices & Vanilla

I made a Protein Shake with the egg white powder and 3 cups of water. I used the pudding mix and dried milk, banana, vanilla, spices and Splenda for breakfast. I also had an orange.

I experimented today and made a Black bean soup with tomatoes and bean sprouts. Not that great but tolerable, I have to work on the spices. I divided the bean soup in half and will eat the rest of the fruit and a bowl of soup for and dinner. I feel stuffed and satisfied.

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