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Hello, I am a thirteen year old and I had some testing done over my growth hormones because I haven't grown in a year. They came back super low and so then they did some other tests, a prolactin level test. I have not yet had my period and was actually having some problems with my breasts. Anyways, I got a call the next day that my endocrinologist thought I had a tumor. My Prolactin Levels were 554 and they were only supposed to be 18 at the most. I had an MRI the day after that and it showed that my tumor was about an inch in diameter. They believe it is slow growing. I also have a Thyroid disease, Hoshimoto's disease. I gain weight like crazy, and I am very insecure. Even before I started gaining all the weight, stretch marks were developing rapidly. That was 2 years ago, now the stretch marks are all over my body! Sometimes I get super discouraged, because no matter how hard I have tried, I cannot seem to lose weight! I would appreciate it if some one would reply. Thanks.

Forgot to add, My weight went from 75 to 152 pounds within two and a half years... and I am only Five foot and one inch

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