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geoblewis - that was an awesome post, it made me so happy for you just reading it. Ive only been here a short time but I really hope that when you write something like that again in two years I can feel I took some part in that circle of friends you speak of!
I had good news come through also having to do with divorce only ... mine is that after 3 years (going on 4) my paperwork finally made it to a judge and within the next few weeks I should offically be FREE!!! Mine was an ugly marriage and a long dragged out divorce simply because he couldnt get kicked out of my life without making me miserable one last time! Gotta love some men!!
My scale jumped a bit over the past two days and I couldnt figure it out, well tonight I think I pegged it! Ive had less than or just about 1000 calories each day now for 3 days! OUCH! so tomorrow my goal is to bring that number back to a nice safe zone and hope to see the pounds shed away! I loved being 259 so much - I havent brought myself to change my ticker yet to the actual number of 262 - I keep hoping that maybe, just maybe tomorrow I wont HAVE to!
Good night ladies, and Georgia - congrats honey, as with anything you put your mind and heart into - you ARE victorious!
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