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Default Lady Alice Apples, Oh My Yum

I found a new apple variety to try - the Lady Alice.

Wow. So yummy. I'm not sure that it's better than my top picks (Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, Cameo, a GOOD Fuji or Braeburn....), but it's so unique that I'm in love anyway (it's definitely going to appear in my rotation).

The last "new" apple I tried was the Ambrosia last year: firm, juicy, fairly crisp, and very sweet. Maybe a little too sweet. It had a very nice flavor, but I prefer an apple to be a little crisper/crunchier and with at least a little tartness to balance the sweetness. So I like the Ambrosia variety and do buy it occasionally, I don't buy them as often as the varieties that are crisper and have a sweet and tart flavor.

The Lady Alice is sweet, juicy, crispy, with just the barest hint of tartness. At first I wanted more tartness, but I think it would overpower the unique flavor. It's almost familiar, and yet indescribable, reminding me of roses and other flowers. I don't think I've ever had an apple anything like it in flavor (the texture is similar to the other crisp varieties like the fuji, pink ladies, and cameos, but the flavor is entirely unique).

I also wanted to try the junami and the sonya varieties I saw, but I have to wait to buy more apples until I finish the fruit I already have.
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