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Whole foods are more nutritious and most people will feel a lot better. Could the puffiness be due to that time of the month? Or maybe too much salt and not enough water? Some of the foods on your list can be high in sodium. I was personally surprised by the amount of sodium in cottage cheese. Canned vegetable soup can also be very high. I eat it, but I balance it throughout the rest of the day with lower sodium meals.

You mentioned you are not sure how many calories you are consuming, so I would start there if I were you. Go ahead and measure everything for a week or two and check the calories online. Sometimes it's easy to miscalculate in one direction or the other. After a couple of weeks of measuring, you should be able to eyeball it from there. You might need to replace some of the calorie dense foods with vegetables. Lots of salads and broccoli and yummy foods like that

Keep us updated!
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