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Hi guys:

I am lurking. I have been obsessed with getting a new puppy. I knew Teena was getting older and had always had the thought of a new one after she had left us. I know it hasnt been very long since Teena went. I have missed her terrible. I have learned so much from this process. A. There are so many dishonest people out there that you could become very jaded against them. My niece got taken for $600 for shipping a puppy that she never got. Bad for her-good for me-cause as varnable (SP) as I was when I first started looking for a puppy it could have very easily been me. It shocks you when you search someones name and find fraud alerts. But I have found a new puppy 3 hours away from here and cash for puppy. I am so jaded at the rescue organizations. That is really what I wanted to do but found it to invasive. That is why more animals arent adopted. If having a 13 year old yorkie from a puppy, and a seven year old should be enough to prove I am a responsible pet owner..... Home visits, making sure the dogs get along-I think is bull. Gidget is a very timid girl so when you go to pick her up she crowers-I think if you were a five pound dog in such a big world you would crower to. I could go on and on about this experience but this a weight loss sight. I guess if any of you want to be friends on facebook let me know.

Toy-hun I am so sorry that things are so ruff for you. Are you a Christian?
Thanks for the condolences-it was ruff finding Teena gone. I just wanted one more summer. The CHF was fast. I thought she had rebounded from the pnemonia well. Even though the vet had warned me that her heart was very enlarged. We had just started her on heart med's so I will always wonder if the medicine killed her.

Well the new puppy's name will be Spring. I am still trying to figure out a middle name. All suggestions welcome. Yorkie owners I have a quiz for you. There are two reasons I am naming her Spring-one is the season, what is the other reason.

I am up for the 8 week challenge I need it. I havent kept track of my calories or been diligent with the Wonderslim program. No scale for me. So I weigh very soon and May 1st the challenge is over........REKP-you are great for making this suggestion. If I weigh next Friday it will just be a 7 week challenge right..... REKP-you are my inspiration. Oneville in 4 months....ok the truth-I little jealous LOL...... I remember when I was at 209----I felt good then being able to wear clothes that looked nice.

Hoping and praying that I will meet you in oneville one day........
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