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Default Feeling faint when dieting

To give a little background info, I crash dieted for many years and was eventually diagnosed as bulimic. Throughout my teens I never really ate properly or consistently, and it eventually lead to a diagnosed eating disorder. I finished CBT for it late last year, during the process I inevitably gained weight.

I'm now here, feeling dramatically different to what I've ever felt before (Yay for cbt!) But I do want to lose about 20lbs. I'm curently hovering around 150lbs ~ I'd like to sit around 130lbs again.

I've noticed that ever since I started eating 3 square meals and snacks, if I miss a meal/have it late or eat less than around 2000cals I feel pretty unwell. Jittery and a bit faint. I used to have low blood pressure, my BP is normal now and I had a blood test not long ago and all appears well.

Could anyone shed any light on why I might be feeling like this? I might well go to the doctors about it at some point, but I would prefer to try a few things first. It feels like the first time in years that I'm not living at my doctors

I was wondering if there was any particular food plans which make help my body feel a bit more sustained? Do you think my previous food issues could have onset any kind of health problem?
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