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Okay, I wrote this yesterday and forgot to submit it,
Hi girls, just checkin in, not much to report here. Just hanging out on the couch most days between my stuff I have to get done. It is killing me to not be working out. I cannot think of anything more aggravating to me at this point in the game. Grrrrrrrr. BUT, I am doing a good job maintaining. Even that kills me to write out loud, maintaining sucks when you have a lot of weight to still lose! When I look at the scale I tell myself it is for my healing butt. I am actually eating at a deficit every day, but seem to be maintaining, probably due to my spike, so I may not do that this week. Not sure it works for me without exercising???
I finally called the doctor back for an appt. While I am feeling better, I still don't feel "stable" enough to workout or do any heavy type work, so I figure I better get an x-ray to see what I am dealing with for sure. If I find out it is broken, I am doing the right thing. If it is not I will be getting off this dang couch whether it hurts or not. So the joke is on me because my Dr. is on vacation this week and I cannot get in until next Tues. That will teach me to put off what I know I should do. So I chose Tues instead of Mon in case over the next week I am feeling a whole lot better there I go again. . .
I have spent the last day or two doing a lot of research on IF. When something is brought to my attention more than 2-3 times in a couple days, I figure I should give it a look (thanks girls). I have to say, I am intrigued. I think I have a tendency to be a natural IFer and did not know it. I tend to not eat most days until between 11a-12p in the morning after my workouts and getting what needs to get done around the house. I also typically stop eating around 6p or 7p, depends on when DH gets home. If he is not home, I eat early. I am not a grazer by any means. The only thing I would need to change is my cup of coffee when I wake up because I use flavored creamer in it, so that would have to be moved to when I break the fast. I like the idea of my meals being a little bigger and still being able to keep the calories down due to the shorter window. So I have read up on Eat Stop Eat, Leangains 16/8, and fast five. I think the leangains sounds more like my natural patterns, but I wonder if this is more for gaining muscle, which I obviously cannot do right now. I like the ESE theory of missing some calories each fasting day to help with the deficit at the end of the week, but not sure I can make it 24hrs. Fast five seems like something right in the middle. What do you guys think? I don't know if it would benefit me weight loss wise any more than what I am doing now. Do you think most people go into it just because they like to eat bigger meals, or are they thinking it will help them lose weight? It still comes down to calories in/out. I am not sure I could do any of them and not count calories, but I think the goal is to not have to count anything, right?

Sum, tell me again what you are planning to do with IF.
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