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Changing my life
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Originally Posted by carter View Post
Mine was that I got to eat mindlessly, whatever sounded good at any particular time, without having to think or plan or discipline or forego anything. I also invested very little time in meal planning or preparation (except as occasional recreational cooking), nor in exercise, and that gave me a lot more time to spend on other leisure activities than I have now.

I didn't use my fat as armor or get any psychological benefits from it that I am aware of. But I did get to enjoy a level of unrestrained hedonism that is now off-limits to me as I am constantly mindful and disciplined about my food choices, and have had to cut way back on some of my hobbies in order to make time to cook and exercise.

It's been difficult to shift my life and priorities that way - it's taken two and a half years and I am still a work in progress. But, it's been worth it, too.
Wow, this is almost exactly what I was going to post on this thread. I love good food. I denied myself nothing. And it showed. Now, don't get me wrong, I calorie count precisely so I can choose to eat anything I want, but hey, a single serving size of something yummy is just as enjoyable as two heaping helpings.
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