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If it were not all in my abdomen, I don't think I'd even have that big of an issue.
But every time I look down, all I see is a big belly! LOL I can't see my feet unless I suck in!
haha, I know precisely what you mean, though I can see my feet, my belly is still in my way both physically, and psychologically. I don't even mind the surgery scars, just the bl**dy fat pockets there!
Hope your allergy is under control. Great choice "March Madness"

Hi alaskan, Hi Jo and all the missing

I don't know how often I'll be back here before I fly on Monday. I'm doing okay cal wise though not stellar. However, I have not weighed myself, and have decided not to before or during my Fla holiday. I don't want to grey my fun. I won't go crazy and over indulge, and I may just be able to get back to 179 lbs with all the extra walking i'll be doing!
Have a great week!

I count calories and carbs

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