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One of my biggest regrets was telling my mom about our "informed elopement".

My husband and I were married in a courthouse 19 years ago. We opted for that as his family was in Europe, we were in one state, my family was in another. My family was poor and we were just starting out. We wanted a small to-do, but logistics were just impossible. So, we told our parents/friends/family what we were planning - a civil ceremony AND we were doing it alone (I didn't feel right having people there if he couldn't).

BIG MISTAKE!!! We just should have done it and not told anyone our plans until it was done and just gotten eloped - period. Instead I had the "You are breaking my heart. You are excluding me.... crap... hoping to change our minds.

In your case, they would never, ever have to know that you got married civilly beforehand, would they? Or tell them maybe after the religious ceremony?

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