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I was abused as a child and my mom didn't find out about some of it until I was nearly an adult because she was so focused on my brother that I got left behind. I know MANY if not all of my issues stem from that. My advice to you is that you tell your parents if you think that telling them what happened and how you really feel about the situation will make YOU feel better. You aren't very much overweight and they really need to lay off of the comments. My dad used to degrade me when I was 165 pounds as a teen and it let to me overeating. As an adult I told him that "I am making my own decisions, whether nor not I choose to be fat is my choice. If you don't stop making remarks about my weight then don't bother talking to me." in addition to the emotional explosion of confronting him about the fact that he was physically and emotionally abusive. He has improved and now offers to take me grocery shopping occasionally so that I can get some "good" food. So do what will make you feel better, your parents are adults and can handle the pain. Also, you don't want to regret not telling them when you no longer have the chance. Get it all in the open, allow some healing to occur, and maybe even get some professional therapy-either individually or as a family. As for the jerking away from boyfriends, it sounds like you have some symptoms of PTSD. I have PTSD and it affects every fabric of my being. You should look up the symptoms, because therapy can help (but not fix) that too.
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