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I am a firm believer in green smoothies. If you aren't into greens, just add a banana because they mask icky flavors. Spinach is a good green to start with because it has a mild flavor and bananas will literally cover them up. I was having about a 300-400 calorie in the morning and I felt ALIVE! I was using 2-3 cups spinach, pushed down into the blender, 1/2 cup frozen mango, 1/2 frozen cup pineapple, 1-2 clementine oranges - another flavor masker - 1 frozen banana, 1-3 Tbsp hemp seeds - for protein and healthy fats , sometimes a little Maca powder for a boost of energy, and about 2 1/2 cups CLEAN water - not from the tap, unless you live in the mountains and get fresh spring water. If you are still afraid that you aren't going to like the taste, add some RAW honey, maybe 1 Tbsp. I don't think it needs it because of the yummy fruit, but RAW honey does have health benefits so it won't hurt to add a little extra sweetness. Now you have the perfect breakfast and you have consumed your daily requirement of fruit. I would change it up every other day with frozen berries - antioxidents!

I have seen success stories of people who go on green smoothie feasts, and they have lost a lot of weight. I am currently not drinking my smoothies because when it's cold I want things that warm me up. Once spring is here, I'll be eating green smoothies for breakfast again, YAY!

I would say you can replace 1 or two meals this way, but it's important that it be a complete meal, meaning it's got proteins, good carbs, and fats. This meets all the criteria, but it won't necessarily have all the vitamins and minerals you need for the day. You could take a multi vitamin, RAW if you can. I use RAW MEAL after my workouts and it pretty much has 100% of the daily requirement of everything you need for the day. I will warn you, it's one of those healthy foods that you have to get used to. It has an earthy taste and at first I had to mentally prep myself to drink it. After about 3 days I just chugged it down with no problem. This isn't the kind of thing you sip, trust me. I was also using half a serving, 1 scoop, so I was only really getting 50% of my daily requirements, although some of the stuff in there had 200% of the daily requirments so I still got 100%. You can look it up online and their website will give you the actual nutritional information. They market this as a meal replacement, but like I said, I used it after workouts.

IF I were to do a shake diet, this is the approach I would take: RAW MEAL for breakfast/lunch. Green Smoothie for breakfast/lunch. In between meals, if I got hungry I would hit the blender and make another smoothie. Just make sure you are putting greens in there, even if it's just a handful. For dinner, I would have a big salad or chopped veggies, maybe even some steamed veggies. If you eat meat, maybe some chicken, grilled with no added fats. I am a vegetarian so I would probably eat a Quorn cutlet. As your body becomes accustomed to the greens, you will crave less sugar - I promise you this is true because I was the biggest sugar junkie and now I can only eat a few pieces of candy instead of a whole bag. I don't even add honey to my smoothies anymore.

I would start this over a weekend, because depending on your diet, things might happen in your body - unpleasent things, if you know what I mean. If you're off on the weekend, I would eat light on Friday and have a big salad for dinner. Saturday start your blending. Make sure that you don't have anything to do over the weekend, just relax at home. Your body will start to clean out the junk inside you because it doesn't have anything to digest since everything is blended and fruits and veggies get processed pretty fast anyway.

I would say that I'd join you, but I have hit a place in my life right now that I am so disillusioned with food. I say it's because the light in my fridge went out and can't be fixed. My husband says we don't need a new fridge, I say we do. When I open it and look inside, it's so dark and depressing. I don't even want to eat. My struggle has always been sweets and junk food. I can eat the healthiest foods and still turn around and polish off a cake. If you are going to do this, I would love to follow along on your journey. Maybe come Spring I will join you. By then all my favorite veggies will start coming back in season. I had another suspicion that I've gone too long without cucumbers because of the bad growing season that wiped out some crops. I think if you slip in your weight loss journey you have to get up ASAP so that you don't get consumed by negative feelings/thoughts. My problem, I think is that I fell into a funk and I'm having a hard time getting out of it. This is why I joined this forum, and it's been helping.

So sorry for the long post. I hope it made sense and that some of it helped.
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