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As someone who was sexually molested as a young child (five years old) I understand your compulsion. I made a personal decision years ago, while my parents were still alive, not to tell them.

However, I would strongly add that this decision was made after I had been through years of counselling. First I had to come to terms with the things that had happened and then see how they influenced my life and those lives around me.

There are many reasons why I grew up very angry, not just at my parents or siblings, but generally the whole world. I realised that a lot of my desire to unload was because of this anger and it was vengeful. It would hurt and anger my family to be told and they would suffer as I did. I learned, though, that I truly wanted to protect my family or they would feel as violated and abused as I did. I am comfortable with the decision I made.

I do not know if you have sought counselling but it is a good way to learn to cope and accept, balance out and get past, traumas and tragedies. Sometimes we all just need someone qualified who we can trust and feel safe with, who will provide insight and quidance and help up to learn to get past anger, and pain. Perhaps this would help you to find the answers inside you that you need to get through this.
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