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My husband and I (since divorced... no connection with this though) got married in a registry office whilst abroad in Africa and returned home to Eire, where we lived at that time, to his mother's plaintive cry "That is no marriage at all, then!".

I liked her, she is a woman of character and strength and I was sorry she felt that way but recognised that as a staunch Irish, Catholic, woman, she geuinely believed what she said.

Here is the thing ... I sympathised with her beliefs but I did not CARE about them. We made a choice, it seemed selfish, but it was a considered choice and was right for us and our lives. She had the option to accept or not accept. She eventually did.

Do what you feel is right for you. Be sympathetic with your mother's feelings but recognise that they are HER feelings and you do not have to be blackmailed or coerced by them. She will come around and if she is anything like my mum was, it will become a badge of pride eventually that her renegade daughter had a rebellious and contra streak! My mum tore her hair out over me a lot of times but then ended up bragging about how much of an individual I was for going my own way ... "At least," she would say, "she is not a sheep, although, mind you, she is a the black sheep of our family!" (amost her exact words).

Good luck to your and your guy... it sounds like you love each other tons and you do what is special for you!

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