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Originally Posted by Vex View Post

Do you really want to end up thousands and thousands of dollars in debt for a degree that may not even get you a decent job? What about going to school for a field that may pay you a decent salary and THEN taking classes in something you love?
I understand that most people prefer not to go into debt and have the mentality of a job is just a job, but when I'm working there 5-7 days a week, I personally didn't want to hate myself because of my occupation. I chose to do what I'm passionate about.

If you decide to do what you love, you'll have to work your hiney off to make money sometimes, but that's life. You're not going to have everything handed to you as most people my age seem to think.

I am a professional photographer (which is an EXTREMELY hard field to compete in) and if you're GOOD at what you do, you should have no problems finding work and someone who will appreciate your abilities.

The job market is horrible for everyone right now.

Ultimately it's up to you. It just depends on person to person whether your job is just going to be a job or if your life is going to revolve around your work.

Congratulations on going to college in the first place! A lot of people are just giving up and saying forget it because the job market is so bad.

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