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hello chicks.

Maryann, i read your article, but couldn't finish it. What will they think of next. It sounds disgusting to me.

ok, need to vent. My husband is driving me crazy. i picked up a couple books at a garage sale about diabetes. he's been reading them. Needless to say, he thinks WE should do all the stuff the books tell him to do. Some green drink made with algae seaweed. No thank you, I'll pass. I have done my best to help him since he was diagnosed. He was not this supportive when i was told i had heart disease and needed a stent. I went on South Beach and he continued to bring in cakes, cookies, etc. I didn't cave in and stuck to my diet. I'm happy to say i really can pass on the sweets these days. I like an occasional chocolate chip cookie, but that's about it. He keeps pushing me to eat Adkins Diet. I don't like that way of eating, never will. To take away my milk, fruit, etc....nope, not gonna do it. I tried to tell him if we quit grazing at night, we would lose pounds. We did well yesterday and i was 1 lb lighter and he was 2 lbs lighter. So today, he is practically starving himself. What am i going to do with him, lol. He is driving me CRAZY. ok, vent over.

Nancy, congrats on your contract. Can't wait to see pics when you can show us.

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