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Originally Posted by Vex View Post
I'm going to have to disagree a little bit here with everyone.

I'm all for doing what you love, but I think college students need a little dose of reality.

Do you really want to end up thousands and thousands of dollars in debt for a degree that may not even get you a decent job? What about going to school for a field that may pay you a decent salary and THEN taking classes in something you love?

I honestly wonder what people are thinking when they decide to major in something like history or political science and leave school with 50k in debt and no job prospects.

Maybe it's because I'm young but I just don't see the appeal in majoring in something just because you can make money off of it. If you're miserable then is it really worth it? I mean right now I'm a newbie at my career, but I don't wake up each day dreading going to work like I did when I worked at a job just for the sake of making money. I usually wake up, ready to go and can't wait to see what the day offers me.

Also if you know your chosen field leaves you with very little job prospects, then why go to an expensive school anyway? College can be affordable if you play your cards right. Had I stopped with a bachelor's and simply went with my history degree I would not have any debt because I got scholarship and worked through college. So while I may have had a tough time finding a job, at least I would have gone through college doing something I love (and graduating hopefully doing something I love).

I knew it would be difficult to find a job just with a history degree though, so I went into teaching and wound up loving it. Getting my master's helped my job prospects (and I currently have a job as a teacher) but put me into debt. But still, I know teachers don't make a lot of money so I got another scholarship for graduate school and quite frankly I have a lot less in student loans to pay than most!

I think people do need a dose of reality (no, you probably don't need to go to that 50k a year school when you're majoring in philosophy) but it shouldn't be at the expense of something they enjoy doing and find fulfilling.
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