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I did Medifast and lost around 10 lbs the first month, but that is all i lost and got discouraged after not losing anything the 2nd month. Granted, i did *cheat* the 2nd month, but it wasn't anything major.. like i replaced dinner and a bar with 2 rolls of sushi. Plus the bars are super tiny and i was ALWAYS hungry and waiting for my next meal like a feen lol

I am currently on optifast, started on february 1st. I like it much better so far! It could just be an attitude change on my part, because no matter what diet you pick you will lose as long as you stick to it! But i couldn't stick to medifast because of hunger issues... Wonderslim is similiar to optifast, except i believe wonderslim has 2 more shakes/bars and a meal.. =]

I also did nutrisystem in the past.. and failed because the food was yucky lol and saw barely any losses.

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