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Great advice above. I would also suggest looking into very gentle forms of yoga. Yin yoga is a restorative, primarily seated type of yoga that can be really wonderful for fibro, in my experience. With CFS co-morbid with fibro, I'm trying to rebuild strength/stamina right now after a severe 8 month crash (mostly confined to bed/couch). It is frustratingly slow-going, because overdoing it causes such a backlash. But the yoga has really helped me. I'm to the point where I can do a 30-minute yin yoga routine daily and feel much better for it, and I'm inching up towards a 45 minute routine.

Anyway, the best DVD I have found is one by Zyrka Landjwit called Gentle Yoga, which has 6 levels of 'difficulty,' a great video pose guide, and very soothing verbal cuing. Google it and I think you can find a sample, so you can evaluate if it might be appropriate for where you're at. Good luck.
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