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Originally Posted by REKP View Post
Speed: What a great idea to add tuna to the spicy mac and cheese. I usually fix a box (7 portions) at once, on the stovetop to have them ready for the week without having the infernal boil over in the microwave when I fix them one at a time.
Melissa: I think you can lose 60 pounds by mid August. Think of all the fun at Disney in your new size!
Toy and Shero: I said a prayer for both of you and your families this morning.
Toy: I'm going to try to implement your plan to weigh only once a month. I was seriously disappointed in my loss this week and the amount I still have ahead of me to lose. I've put the bathroom scale away, hopefully only to be seen the first of every month. Wish me luck fighting the pull to drag them back out and "check" to see if I've lost.
I like the idea of weighing once a month, it is difficult for me not to look at the scale but I think monthly would prove to be rewarding. I have to get weekly down first! LOL . MY order will be here tomorrow after work woohoo I get to start on Wednesday yay!

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Wonderslim Program
First Goal: 30lbs by end of August
2nd Goal 60 lbs by my birthday October 28
3rd Goal 100lbs by March 2013
Final Goal : goal weight 2013
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