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Hi All-

I'm worried about Ms. Miller finding the new tread. I tried to send her a private message but it is not a option. Wish they would have posted where to find us when they closed the tread.

I had the twin grandchildren over night Friday so I was pretty busy. They required a lot of Grandma's attention cause they love to interact with me. So I have played Jr. Monopoly, taught math, been read to and watched them play Mario Cart on the wii. I dread taking them home because going into a home that is such a mess is so disturbing to me. Good grief just throw out some of the garbage laying all over. We rent the house to her and it bothers me so much but what can I do about it? I am just teaching the children while they are here that we clean up after meals, and pick up our toys when we are done so we dont loose the parts. Any prayers for this situation is welcomed. I just plan dont understand.

Hubby's birthday is today so yesterday i made him a cake pizza-it turned out so cool.

I finally feel the weight loss in my clothes. The one thing that get's me is your stomach looks bigger because you begin to loose your apron. I have also been noticing that I get full on smaller portions. You could say I have been "off plan" for a couple days.

Peyton0914 I believe you can loss 60# by August. I am hoping to loss 50# by July 2012. I started in January.

Toy glad to see your still here. I was worried about you. Can you talk with your doctor about increasing your movement. Maybe a little walking?

Did you reading my last post on the old thread?

Have a great evening ladies.

One last thing. My treadmilling has been going great. I have increased my distance in the last week. Excitement!!!!!!!!!!!
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