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I do!

A few months ago I decided to cut dairy out of my diet due to the fact that it gives me acne and makes me feel generally awful. I don't really miss it like I thought I would, but I quickly became concerned about where I was going to get my calcium from.

I knew that dark leafy greens like kale were good for that, but of course I thought they tasted awful raw, so I decided to try a green smoothie one morning on a whim. I haven't looked back. Even just that first morning, when my smoothie was probably more fruit than "green," I didn't need my coffee. It felt great. Digestive problems quickly worked themselves out, I've lost 7 pounds this month, and I get to walk around feeling like a bada$$ because I am the only person I know who actually eats lots of vegetables.

I drink about 40oz every morning. A typical smoothie for me is 2 cups of "exotic" greens (kale, chard, collards, parsley), 2 cups of "base" greens (spinach, bok choy, lettuces), 1.5 cups of another vegetable (butternut squash, green beans, carrots, etc.), 1 whole piece of fruit or a cup of berries, then a little bit of 100% pomegranate juice and about 3/4 cup of almond milk so that the fat-soluble vitamins have something to work with. I rotate all my ingredients every few days when I shop so that I never have the same thing for more than a few days per month or so.

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