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Originally Posted by kaplods View Post
I use small amounts of Crystal Light style mixes, I also use sugar free gelatin and pudding mixes (I bought bunches of teeny, tiny tupperware-style containers to hold half-open packets).

I also use flavoring extracts, Spenda syrups (like DaVinci and Torani) and candy oil flavorings (like Lor-Ann).

The candy flavorings are super potent, so I use an eyedropper (and some flavors are so strong that you can even dip a toothpick in the flavoring then stir the beverage with the toothpick).

Instant coffee and cocoa powder also make nice flavorings.
You have a great shop.
Thanks for the reminder, I have always been on diabetic diests(or at least I was supposed to be,LOL) but the items you use would fit in perfect. Once I hit goal weight I plan on using the diebetic diests as doctors have said it wouldn't hurt the whole family to be on it.
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