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Good morning GGís,

One day down, one to go. Hoping that I get out on time tonight and can see some of the Superbowl. Iím not so much into sports, but I like to see the halftime show and the commercials. And it is fun to kind of follow it because Jason enjoys it and it is fun talking with him about it.

Off tomorrow, then Tuesday ~ Friday, the boss is sending me and two of my coworkers to some big meeting (not one we have to travel to) with people from all over the hospital ~ different departments, where they are trying to gain insight into what takes admissions and moving patients (from one unit to another as needed) so long and how to improve it. I guess it is good to try to improve, but I canít for the life of me imagine how this is going to take 4 eight hour days. Wondering if when all is said and done if it will change anything. Oh well, I can go ~ I get paid anyway ~ sit and listen ~ share my experiences if asked ~ not so bad. I wish the seats in that room were more comfortable, but it is better than if I had to stand for 8 hours.

I didnít mean for it to seem like I was complaining about talking to my sister and friends. It is not that ~ it is the frustration of work getting in the way of fun, and not having enough time to do the things I enjoy.

From Marie: Gayle, ditto on the chatting endlessly with the non-workers. Every weekend my family thinks I should be on the phone talking with them for hours and then my weekend is gone. I LOVE to talk to them but I really donít like hours spent on the phone. Hours hereÖ thatís a different matter all together. Maire ~ I know ~ spending hours on 3FC ~ LOL ~ that is part of my frustration ~ when the lack of time prevents me from getting my GGís fix.

From Freda: Gail, Hopefully we'll be in the retired group with lots of time to talk soon too. But I understand how you feel. I clean while i'm talking. Dusting gets done. sweeping the floor, lots of choirs. You mentioned that you talked to your mom while you were walking. Are you still walking? Freda ~ I do stuff too while I am talking ~ so glad to have a hands free phone so I am not tied to a chair, and donít mind talking for a long while if I can move around and do stuff while I talk. Multi tasking My friend just got skype and is excited to be able to talk to me that way ~ I can not do other things while I talk with her that way. Maybe when the newness of it wears off ~ she wonít want to be doing it as often.

From Isabella: Gayle, I'm afraid I'm one of those retired ones who keeps my sister and friends on the phone for hours. I shall back off, lol. I'm not a phone chatter by nature but when I do phone it's usually a marathon. Isabella ~ donít back off with the talking ~ I didnít mean to make anyone feel bad about doing so. It is always good to get to spend time with family/friends when ever we can.

From Rie: Gayle, I sure wish I had a sister. I have a couple - sisters of the heart, but no real sisters. You will never regret time spent talking with them. Rie ~ I know ~ I donít regret talking, I am just frustrated that there always seems to be a shortage of time for the enjoyable stuff.

From Freda: Are you still walking? Freda, I havenít been doing as well with the walking lately. I have been so tired. I have not been sleeping as well (need a new mask for my cpap ~ it is not getting a good seal right now and so I have not been able to rest as well) and have been feeling so tired. DH is working on getting me a new mask ~ after my hospital was sold, we now have different insurance and have to work with the new insurance to find the place to purchase the stuff, that they accept, so the equipment will be covered. It is such a bunch of red tape and all ~ so thankful that I have DH to navigate all that BS for me ~ I would be lost. I will get back to the walking.

The insurance is Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I always felt that they were a good insurance to have, but they seem crappy. Our other insurance ~ preventative things like mamograms were free. This insurance they charge for everything. I shouldnít get started on insurance. I watch our patients ~ be sent to our floor sooner than they should be for their condition ~ because their insurance says they have to. Then they have to turn around and be sent back to ICU or where ever, because they were too sick in the first place and should never have been sent to us. Stupid insurance. Sadly, you canít afford to be without it though.

Ok, gotta quit having fun ~ get ready and off to work. Hope you all are having a good weekend.

Take care
One day at a time ~ never giving up!!

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