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Hello Goldens.

I had a good day - getting my hair done was nice and it was relaxing as usual. Alan is the former partner of one of my lifelong friends. We have stayed close even after they broke up. I let him wax my lip today. (OWWW) Now it feels really weird. I have a new york cheesecake finishing in the oven as I type this. Part of my contribution for the superbowl party tomorrow.

Rosey I am so glad that they were able to get that needle out of your foot. Maybe taking care of you will get Steve's mind off his troubles.

Mary, so nice that you got a good sleep. You must have needed it!

Hi Linda! Join the party. Tell us about you!

Lucinda, you have a 10 year old daughter? My youngest son turned 30 today. Crazy.

Donna, I am going to look for the drain stuff. Mine goes wonky about 2 times per year. I am so glad that it was a relatively easy fix.

Isabella, that tart looks so good. I love tomatoes and cheese. I am thinking that it would be pretty little mini tartlets, also. A quick and savory bite..... It is really frustrating watching people struggle and watching them make unwise choices. You are a good soul. After all, we don't want their kids hungry no matter what the parents are doing.

Karenmo, it sounds like you are really enjoying your bible study. My Grandma used to tell me stories of Esther when I was little.

Marie, do the doggies get nervous when it is time to go to the vet? How are you feeling?

CarolSue, if you can figure out how to make the pounds invisible, I will drive to the pacific northwest and eat the tomato tart at Marie's house. In fact, Zoe and I will market the method and we will all retire to the crone circle and live a life of luxury on the profits.

Lynn, how sad about your friends decline. The mind is an amazing thing. Soon, she won't know that she is not there... So sorry.

Cinnamonie, I loved my mini tramp. These days, I would probably rebound into the tv. I have read about people using it for walkitout games online.

Gayle, I sure wish I had a sister. I have a couple - sisters of the heart, but no real sisters. You will never regret time spent talking with them.

Zoe, I LOVE your hair, also! LOL. Alan is very saddened about my hair loss and gave me another regime to try this month. Don't worry about me love, I am ok. I take vitamins daily. Because I have lupus, my imune system is often compromised. I am around teens on a daily basis and I am exposed to lots of germs. You might be thinking of the problems I had in December - but that was surgery and knee problems. Too many aches and pains. I hit the cold with zinc and airborne and I feel pretty good tonight.

Bobbi, how is the home renovation comming?

Freda, I hope your sister is ok. I smoked until about 3 years ago. It is so sad and a really terrible addiction. I have no desire to smoke at all. Strangely, I don't seem to mind if others smoke. Terrible health consequences, though. I don't think I could have embarked on a weight loss journey while smoking, although I always said I couldn't quit because of the "weight gain". Hugs.

K3, how was your bridge day? Did you kick butt??

Well, I know that I am missing people but the cheesecake is done and I am tired. I promised the little guy that he could sleep with me tonight. So, I will have a little snuggle bunny in my bed to help me with my rest. Later all!


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