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Good Hola, All...
Marie - that turkey meatloaf had broccoli-coleslaw mix as an ingredient (it's shredded broccoli and other slawy type stuff, pretty good on its own!). It really was pretty bad. I've been eating it, since there are starving children in China (who wouldn't eat it, either)... it's okay slathered with catsup.

That tart looks wonderful!

My shower/tub refused to drain this a.m., so I bought an auger. I bought two, in fact, since you can never do anything the first try, and the first one was defective. I augered and cursed for an hour and finally called my HandyManBen to rescue me. He used a product called Zed Professional Strength (there are 32 applications in a bottle, and it took 1 1/2 bottles to do the trick!), which literally dissolves the clog and all the residual, um, like, crap. It took a long time, but all is moving well. He originally thought it was a tree root or a break in the pipe... and I was looking for a likely place to slit my wrists. $120 is a lot better than the thousands to dig up my patio and dig under the house. Gawd. I get sick thinking about it! Life is GOOD.

We ended up with about 15" of snow in my yard. SnowBlowerBoy did his thing yesterday, but he's departed his abode today, so I went out and shoveled. Hurt my hip bunches...! Maybe he just blows once per storm? It wasn't a biggie. It's all melting already. I did take an "after" picture of the strawberry hanger thingie to show how much snow we got, but the camera is all the way upstairs; I'm not; and I'm not going to go get it!

Rosey - I didn't see your post until I'd already posted mine (I'm editing!). I'm so glad you got the needle out okay... geez, you two need keepers, I think, yes?
How's Steve doing?

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Onward, lovelies!

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